Cytopathology of lymph nodes-FNAC

Aspirate from laterocervical lymphnode

Neoplastic cells from a well differentiated squamous carcinoma. (Papanicolaou x200)

Lymphnode aspirate

Anaplastic cells from a case of advanced lymphoma. (Papanicolaou, x200)


Aspirate from metastatic laterocervical lymph-node

Cells from anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. (Papanicolaou, x200)

Anaplastic metastatic

Aspirate from metastatic axillary lymp-node

Aspirate lymph node in a case of Paget’s disease. (Papanicolaou, x400, x200) Paget Breast Cancer Metastatic

Aspirate from metastatic sovraclavear lymp-node

Aspirate from metastatic sovraclavear lymp-node in a case of ductal breast carcinoma resulted Cerb-B2 positive by immunocytochemistry. (Papanicolaou, x400) Cerb-B2 breast cancer cytology Lymph-node

Aspirate from axillary node in a case of ductal breast carcinoma

Aspirate from axillary node in a case of ductal breast carcinoma showing clusters of malignant epithelial cells associated with lymphocytes. (Papanicolaou, x400)

Reactive lymphadenopathy

Reactive lymphadenopathy smear showing centroblasts, centrocytes, small lymphocytes and tangible body macrophages with nuclear fragments inside. (Papanicolaou, x200)

Lymphnode smear

Lymphnode smear showing a monotonous population of slightly enlarged lymphocytes with granular chromatin morphologically suggestive of lymphocytic lymphoma. (Papanicolaou, x200)

Metastasis of papillary thyroid carcinoma

Metastasis of papillary thyroid carcinoma. (Papanicolaou, x400)

Ductal breast adenocarcinoma

Group of ductal breast adenocarcinoma cells in an aspirate of an axillary lymph node. (Papanicolaou, x200)